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White Water Rafting

We being the pioneers of the white water rafting in the Sri Lankan, have made tremendous progress from the year 2000 and this is all about excitement, relaxation and teamwork. We like to embrace each rafting adventure at a leisurely pace to give you the time to fully appreciate the experience. ICAN Adventure Base Camp is confident that you will enjoy multiple sensations... the exhilaration and thrill from nature's powerful forces at work. The whitewater and the respect that it commands will thrill you in the spectacular scenery that encompasses there throughout the journey. Further you will relish the contentment of the achievement and fulfillment of personal and team challenges met and mastered along the way. Our Rafters are highly skilled, well experienced, trained and licensed under the BCU (British Canoe Union).

The journey takes 90 minutes for the total distance of 6.5 km under the Grade 02 and 03 rapids.

Key Learning Benefits

  • Create challenges
  • Build individual skill that will bolster team work skills
  • Provide feedback to build skills, confidence and accountability
  • Build a sense of personal and collective power

Safety Measures

  • The monitors of this activity have been trained and possess BCU qualifications

Jungle Track, Rock Sliding with Confident Jump

The journey takes approximately two and half hours to reach the destination and return to our site It is about 02 Km walking distance from the site – and the natural rock on the way provides one the thrill of sliding in to the water of the lagoon. It is an interesting and enthusiastic event which provides a maximum fun. Further this includes a jump from the natural rock into the deep water, which will help one to build up confidence.

Key Learning Benefits

  • Create the challenge
  • Set clear and compelling goals
  • Be clear on your values
  • Supporting your team
  • Build a sense of personal and collective power
  • Observe people doing the right thing and learn from it
  • Boosts personnel Confidence

Safety Measures

  • Our safety standards are remarkably high and up-to the required standards as the monitoring of all activities are done by qualified and trained personal

Ground Activities / Games

To enhance Team Building, Leadership and Time Management Skills Below are the ground games which we conducted and to achieve following objectives. Commencement of Ground Games with physical exercises

Key Learning Benefits

  • Dividing in to Teams
  • Ice Breakers Games
  • Trust Games to achieve following objectives
  • Ego Breakers / Team Work / Dependence/ Trust

Games to enhance Team Spirit are as follows

  • Speed Rabbit
  • Toddy Tapper
  • Tar- Folding walk and Caterpillar Walk (Giant Slipper Walk)

To achieve following Objectives Team Work / Dependence / Trust, Leadership

Jeep Safaris.

Adventure Base Camp provides Jeep Safaris from our Camp site, Kitulgala to following destinations.

  • Belilena Caves
  • Aberdeen Water Fall
  • Lakshapana Water Fall

Our services include:

  • Jeep safaris using well maintained 4X4 vehicles.
  • The modern TATA 207 vehicles for a more luxurious drive.
  • Experienced guides.
  • Necessary equipment.
  • Basic facilities.
  • Basic first aid.
  • Bottled Drinking Water.

Jeep Safari to Belilena Caves.

Belilena Cave, which is about 8 km from Kitulgala high up in the Inoya Estate, is one of the larger prehistoric caves on the island, where the 12,000-year-old skeletal remains of ’Balangoda Man’ (Homo Sapiens Balangodensis) were found. The prehistoric settlements of the area date back to a very early period, as shown by recent cave excavations as well as those carried out at other sites. The earliest settlement dates back to around 32,000 years. Skeletal remains, microliths, bone implements, cherts and food remnants have been found in local caves. Evidence of prehistoric animals has established that hippopotamus, rhinoceros, lion and three species of elephant had lived in this area and Its holds evidence of a lost generation of Sri Lanka 12,000 years old; then this cave belonged to the Balangoda Man described as Homo sapiens balangodensis by Paul E P Deraniyagala who found here ten skeletons of these people, who lived 2000 feet above the sea level.

Mountain Cycling Tour – To Belilena Caves.

We make sure that, your Cycling tour with us is an experience in itself and not just another peddling tour. In ensuring this we offer world class cycling trails covering, mountains, valleys, tropical rain forests, reservoirs, ancient cities, and remote villages. Furthermore this will be learning intervention to a 2500 year culture and an insight to a unique way of life in this land of discoveries.

Our unmatched service combines professionalism and the best knowledge of the wilderness in Sri Lanka! Our own guides have the experience of running many tours with many professional tour leaders from all over the world.

They are constantly improving the trails where you would desire to come back over and over again! They are well trained in First Aid / cycle repairs and our back up vehicle will carry spares and spare bikes for any emergency.

Water Fall Abseiling - Sandun Ella.

Confront your fears. Take stock of your fears and make a pact to conquer them today. Nothing can beat the thrill and excitement experienced when one confronts abseiling down the 15- meters height Waterfall,”Sandun Ella” and adrenaline is what causes the excitement.

Hadun Ella -

This waterfall is 30 Meters (100ft) high and situated near Kithulgala, joins the Kelani ganga. In Sinhala “Hadun” means Sandal wood. It is not known if there was a Sandal wood forest or even the smell of Sandal wood in the water for it to get such a name. However, it is still called Hadun Ella.

Tour includes:

  • Transfers within activity areas
  • Experienced guides.
  • Necessary equipment/Basic facilities/Basic first aid.
  • Bottled drinking water.

What to bring:

  • A set change clothes/Towel.
  • Camera (at your own risk).

What to wear:

  • Shorts/ long pants/ tight & T-shirt/Swimwear (optional).
  • Strap sandals/ shoes.
  • Goggles for contact lenses.

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